Virginia Department of Transportation are scheduled to kick off the construction on the improvement of Croaker Road

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Road construction work is set to commence on March 4 led by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) aiming to enhance Croaker Road virginia (Route 607) from Richmond Road (Route 60) to Point O Woods Road (Route 1647)/Maxton Lane (Route).

TheCroaker Road virginia Widening Project aims to increase road capacity and align, with development plans. The current two lane road, which is in need of improvements will be expanded to four lanes. This expansion will include lanes for bicycles and the construction of a new bridge over the CSX railroad tracks. Additionally the project will feature shared pathways and crosswalks to connect pedestrians cyclists and growing urban areas. These enhancements are vital due to the rise in buildings, educational facilities, public amenities like libraries and commercial hubs, in the vicinity.

Croaker Road expansion


The upcoming enhancements, for the project are as follows;

Croaker Roads two lanes will be expanded to a four lane road. This expansion involves adding two lanes on the side of the current street stretching from Richmond Road to Point O Wood Road/Maxton Lane. Additionally an elevated barrier will be set up to separate the lanes for traffic flowing in directions.

Enhancements will also include improving turn lanes and introducing pedestrian crosswalks at the junction of Croaker Road and Norge Village Apartments.

A lane will be dedicated to directing traffic towards the Norge Center from another lane.

Consideration should be given to creating a designated thru lane for traffic at the intersection of Croaker Road & Richmond Road.

Establishing a right turn lane for southbound vehicles at the crossing of Croaker Road  in virginia and Rose Ln (RC 760).

Construction of a shared road path on the side of Croaker Road starting from London Road and extending beyond Rose Lane. Furthermore a High Intensity Activated (HAWK) signal will be installed to provide access, to pedestrian parking and bike routes leading to Newport News County Public Library on that side of the street.
A proposal is, in place to build a pedestrian bridge going south over the CSX rail cars. The new bridge will feature two travel lanes and a shared path with a concrete wall and steel railing separating it from the roads.

During the construction phase there will be single lane closures on Williams Drive. Compliance with clean air regulations will be closely monitored to ensure that all businesses, private properties and public roads remain accessible, throughout the project.

Completion date

A low bid of $19.2 million was given to E.J. Wade Construction, January 2024. Construction to be completed within fall 2027 having been estimated early. Each job status is a different weather- and schedule- intensive job so the schedule remains unpredictable and susceptible to variation.