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Construction of Mkhosana Reservoirs in Victoria Falls City begins

A project for the construction of Mkhosana Reservoirs has been launched in Victoria Falls City by the Victoria Falls city council in a bid to address water shortage challenges in the city. The council is set to pump in close to US$ 15 million for the water project.

The project will solve water, hygiene and sanitation problems in the city. Overhauling the whole water and sewer reticulation system will be implemented in this project. The tendering process kicked off last year with US$4 million pumped in for the first phase.

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The town clerk, Mr Ronnie Dube, said, “The city of Victoria Falls has commenced construction of ground and elevated Mkhosana reservoirs. The project is one of the cardinal projects earmarked for improving water delivery services in the resort city.”

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The ground capacity of the reservoirs will be 5 megalitres while that of the elevated one is 0.75 megalitres. Workers have started clearing land in preparation for the construction of the reservoirs.  The council sold 8300 stands south of Mkhosana, in 1811 along Wood Road and part of the money was raised to fund the project.

The government further instructed Victoria Falls City Council to take over the management of water from the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa).

The water shortage crisis in Victoria Falls City is made to be resolved by Mkhosana reservoirs

Residents in Mkhosana usually endure a crisis of water shortages due to a lack of adequate water sources. The city is served by River Zambezi where water is pumped from. The biggest challenge in the city, especially Mkhosana, is in the distribution of precious commodities.  With the area being high-lying, the lack of reservoirs makes water to be highly scarce thus increasing its demand.

Power rationing in the city forces immediate water supply cuts in Mkhosana. Additionally, the pumping systems are old thus causing more perennial water supply challenges.

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