An Extension Project in West Australia Advances with the Launch of 2 New Bridges

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An extension project in West Australia will launch 2 new bridges this year. The new bridges built over the Mitchell Freeway will support the Stephenson Avenue Interchange and the Stirling Bus Interchange.

Concrete Sections “Launched” Into Position Over On-going Traffic

The two new bridges, Stephenson Avenue Interchange Bridge and the Stirling Bus Interchange Bridge will hover the Mitchell Freeway and are expected to be completed within 6 months according to the Government of West Australia.

The bridges will support the new Stephenson Avenue interchange and the Station Bus Interchange.

To construct the bridges, the project team involved a method of utilizing casting beds. They pour and cure the reinforced concrete sections, then launch them into position over the ongoing live traffic. With this method, there will be no disruption in the vehicle and train traffic in the city.

To ensure construction work is being carried out, piers are established on the freeway to redirect traffic to a temporary alignment. A temporary bus entrance was also constructed, so buses will continue to run without delay.

According to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti, “These bridge launches will take things to the next level. Over the next 6 months, people will see these bridges gradually emerging over the Mitchell Freeway” but with the method they are using, the road access and train access will continue to be operational.

Commuters passing by the freeway will see the advanced construction technique at work. The bridges are built progressively in sections, and “launches” from one side to the other.

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The Stephenson Extension Project in West Australia is now 40% Complete

The Australian Government and the WA Government are funding the $165 million Stephenson Extension Project. As of June 2024, the extension project is 40% complete.

The Stephenson Avenue Extension project is a significant investment in public transport, roads, cycling, and walking infrastructure of the city. This will provide local jobs and continue to support economic growth in the area. The project will support plenty of jobs with the numerous businesses and establishments engaged with it.

At the same time, a ramp to the Mitchell Freeway from Cedric Street will open within the year. The ramp along the Stephenson Avenue extension will improve congestion and connectivity in the city.

This is part of the ongoing projects for the Stephenson Avenue extension. The projects aim to improve traffic flow, better access for locals, and improve road networks, among others. Part of the project development is to upgrade the Stirling Station bus interchange and increase options for public transport in the city.

Once completed, the extension project will connect Scarborough Beach Road and Cedric Street, and a new interchange with Mitchell Freeway which will replace the Cedric Street Interchange.

S2M Evolution Alliance will deliver the extension project under an alliance contract. This alliance is a consortium of Acciona, Clough, and WSP.

The Stephenson Avenue Extension is part of the City’s vision and will provide connections and support the progress of further public and private infrastructures in the area.

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