John Deere’s Technology Development Center in Brazil to Cost R$180m

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Recently, John Deere announced the construction of a Technology Development Center in Brazil, which will be the company’s first center for development and testing for the world’s tropical agriculture. John Deere is a global technology company renowned for its provision of equipment and software construction and forestry industries.

The project would cost approximately R$180 million to be implemented by the company. John Deere aims to promote harmony between several R&D teams which are committed to design as well as validate latest products.

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The company also looks to design new technologies which can be employed in the main production systems. Examples of such production systems include grain and sugarcane.

Located in Indaiatuba the new facility will span an area of 500,000m².

Construction works on the Brazilian Technology Development Center

The new center’s construction works began in November 2023. The concluded structure is expected to be ready towards the end of 2024. Roughly 150 people would benefit from the jobs which will be created by the center in the engineering and R&D departments.

According to the Latin America’s Sales & Marketing Vice President, Antonio Carrere, keeping in mind all the variables like climate, connectivity levels, and soil, products will be tested in Brazil. As a result, local customers would be provided with solutions quicker. It will also ensure that Brazilian producers, from small, medium to large scale work in a more profitable and sustainable manner. John Deere looks to cut the time taken to develop new solutions by 40% based on the project type. This will come as a result of the establishment of the new Brazil Technology Development Center.

Products focused specifically on the local market have already been launched by the company. Examples of such products include CH950 sugarcane harvester. This is a product designated to satisfy the needs of sugarcane producers in brazil. S400 grain harvester is also another example. The harvester is designed to meet the needs of  small and medium-scale farms.