Largest Hybrid Power Station in Malaysia: to Welcome Floating Solar Farm in Batang Ai HEP, Operational by Q4 2024

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A hybrid Power Station in Malaysia is poised to become the largest hybrid power station in Malaysia. The Batang Ai Hydroelectric Plant (HEP) will welcome an additional 50 MW floating solar farm to the facility. The solar farm is set to be completed and up for use by Q4 2024.

This new hybrid power station is a massive milestone for renewable energy sources in Sarawak.

Largest Hybrid Power Station in Malaysia the Batang Ai HEP

The Batang Ai Dam, a concrete dam in the National Park of Batang Ai, is one of the three major hydropower plants in Sarawak, Malaysia. The plant has four 24 megawatts (MW) turbines and a generation capacity of 100 MW. In the 4th quarter of 2024, the plant will welcome an additional 50 MW from newly installed floating solar farms.

The floating solar farms will have a capacity of 50 megawatts (MW) and will be part of the largest hybrid power station in Malaysia that uses both hydro and solar energy sources.

Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation, a company owned by the State of Sarawak, is in charge of operations in the hydroelectric plant (HEP) power station.

In total, the Batang Ai power plant will produce up to 158 megawatts (MW) of energy from hydro and solar resources.

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Operated by Sarawak Energy

Sarawak Energy commits to sustainable practices and transparent communication with the local community. The company complied with all safety measures, standards, and practices to minimize any negative ecological impact of the hybrid power station.

According to SEB Chief Executive Officer Datuk Sharbini Suhaili, “Sarawak Energy prioritizes sustainability, and is committed to maximizing our project’s positive impact and minimizing the negative ones”

The floating solar project will also encourage business, creating more jobs in the area. Once fully operational, there will be more opportunities for the local community to enhance their livelihood and give them more opportunities.

A Massive Potential to Become the Largest Floating Solar Farm in Malaysia

Sharbini also announced that Sarawak Energy is exploring options for the second phase of the floating solar farm. The Batang Ai dam can potentially accommodate up to 160 MW of solar energy, according to Sharbini.

The Batang Ai Dam is approximately 8,500 hectares big and the floating solar farm only uses 86 hectares. There is massive potential for the dam to accommodate larger floating solar farms. Out of the 8,500 hectares, only 60% of it would be enough to produce up to 2,000 MW of energy, according to Sarawak Premier Tan Abang Johari Openg.

Sarawak Energy initially focused on hydroelectric farms, is now looking into expanding into more solar energy sources. The company is in line with advancing towards the installation of floating solar farms at other reservoirs like Bakun Dam and Murum Dam in Sarawak. This move will increase the number of hybrid power stations in Malaysia.

Due to the rising demand for renewable energy sources, Sarawak Energy aims to install 400 MW by 2030.

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