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The prestigious project involves the renovation of the main building and the library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, a scientific public body that will soon celebrate its 200rd anniversary. Given the historical and cultural importance of the building, the project is one of the most notable jobsites in the country also ranking significantly in the European historic places landscape.

A new Raimondi T187 flat-top tower crane was deployed for the major Hungarian historic building renovation project by Mamut Daru Kft., an established Hungarian rental fleet company of heavy lifting solutions. The company purchased and deployed its first Raimondi T187 tower crane for the project.

“We decided to expand our rental fleet with the company’s first Raimondi crane, a new T187; we opted for this model for its excellent specifications in terms of lifting capabilities and speed,” stated Csaba Balogh, General Manager, Mamut Daru. Csaba Balogh explained that the weight-optimized components facilitating the installation procedure, coupled with crane’s maximum lifting capacity of 10t, played a crucial role when deciding which model to rent to the project’s contractor.

Deployed in February 2024 with the support of a Raimondi operations team, the T187 is erected with a jib length of 55m at a freestanding height of 47.5m. Boasting a tip load of 3.14t, the crane can lift at a maximum speed of 115 meters (m/min) in the 37kW winch version, having a drum capacity of 620m. The modularity of parts and interchangeability of the T Series components figured into the purchase decision, Csaba Balogh said, citing future fleet expansion planning with additional Raimondi’s models.

“Participating in such a renowned refurbishment of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences marks a milestone for our company. A significant responsibility, there were technical challenges to consider due to the site location and nature. Preserving the historic in-use buildings while working within tight site confines required precise crane positioning planning, excellent site coordination and accurate, precise work from the participants of the installation” stated Peter Kaszoni, Head of Tower Cranes.

Equipped with Lumina crane cabin and ConCore, Raimondi’s intelligently-designed control system, the T187 boasts technical and operational features; improved error diagnostic and troubleshooting, swifter calibration and settings, along with enhanced remote assistance allowing for instant and effective intervention.

The Raimondi T187 will remain onsite until completion of the project’s first phase, approximately 12 months.


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