Ternium Set To expand The Olavarria Wind Farm From 72MW To 99MW

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Ternium SA, a Latin American steel producer, is looking to increase the capacity of the Olavarria wind farm, which is currently under construction in Argentina. The project is being undertaken with its main aim being to significantly cut electricity purchases in the market.

Since August 2023, the Olavarria wind project has been under construction. Once complete, the endeavor is expected to have its total installed capacity raised from 72 MW to 99 MW. According to the steel producer, the expansion also includes the addition of six turbines, to the pre-planned sixteen turbines.

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The 99-MW wind farm, planned in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, is expected to have the capability to produce approximately 480 GWh of electricity annually once the project is at full capacity.

The Olavarria Wind farm project cost

The amount of investment made would rise from $160 million up to $220 million. This will result in an annual electricity production capacity of 480 gigawatts hourly. The project’s expansion would be carried out by adding the wind towers number from 16 units up to 22 units.

The Olavarria Wind farm project is fully owned and developed solely by Ternium.

It is said that the Latin American steel producing company received the 28.5 MW priority dispatch in the final tender that was held by an administrator for Argentina’s wholesale electricity market. The tender would allow the company to install new turbines in the wind farm.

When should we expect the commissioning of the project?

Currently, the project is at its announcement stage. The wind farm’s development is expected to be undertaken in a single phase. Likely to commence construction works before the end of 2023, the Olavarria Wind farm is slated to commence commercial operations in 2024.

The project will offset carbon emissions of up to 83,914.588 metric tons a year by generating 346,000MWh of clean energy.

About Ternium SA

A manufacturer as well as a distributor of steel products, Ternium SA, is said to be a subsidiary of the Techint Group.

The company has a product portfolio that includes, pre-painted sheets, galvanized as well as electro-galvanized sheets. The portfolio also include tinplate, hot-rolled flat products and also welded pipes.