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The Dynamic Tower, also referred to as the Da Vinci Tower, in Dubai, is a canceled David Fisher-designed moving skyscraper with a height of 420 meters and 80 floors. With 40 factory-built modules for each storey, it was projected as the first prefabricated skyscraper in the history of the globe.

90% of the tower, according to Fisher, would be manufactured in a factory and transported to the construction site. This would speed up the construction of the entire structure. It is proposed to use solar and wind energy to power the entire skyscraper. Five nearby buildings of similar size should be able to be powered by the excess electricity that is generated.

Between each revolving floor would be where the turbines would be placed. According to Fisher, they could produce up to 1,200,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. The solar panels are expected to cover the roof and the top of each floor.

Dynamic Tower - The Skyscraper Center

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Reported in August 2014

World’s first-ever building in motion to be constructed in Dubai

The world’s first-ever building in motion will have to “move” and “change shape”, according to architect David Fisher, at a news conference in New York. The World’s first ever rotating building: Dynamic Tower will be energy self-sufficient as the turbines would produce enough electricity to power the entire building.

The idea of building in motion, which was born in 2008, was again revived last year, with signs that it might come to fruition.