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5 Simple tips for a successful bathroom renovation

5 Simple tips for a successful bathroom renovation

Once every few years, there comes a time when you think about changing certain things about your home. Sometimes you just want to change the design and the whole feel of the place, but other times a renovation is required for the convenience of a well-functioning home.

One of the most used and important spaces in the home is the bathroom. Going through a bathroom renovation can be quite a challenge, especially when it’s your first time doing so.

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For this reason, the following are 5 tips that you can implement yourself when attempting your own bathroom makeover.


Like any successful project, your bathroom renovation needs a well-thought-out plan. Before you can think about the design, things to buy or anything that has to do with the plumbing, you should decide what exactly will be the purpose of this bathroom.

Will it be used by more than two people on a regular basis? Will you need two sinks? Is there enough space for a bathtub, or should you just stick to a shower? How much do you want to spend on this whole thing?

There’s a large number of questions you need to ask yourself before actively doing something. When you figure out all the answers, your set plan will be your best friend throughout this renovation journey.


The most fun part of the entire process of renovating has to be the design stage. It’s the stage where you can put all the latest ideas and trends you’ve been reading about into practice, to create a space that you’ve always been dreaming about.

You can start off by looking through as many magazines and websites as possible, searching for that perfect design, but keeping an open eye for something out of the ordinary.

Take this as your inspiration before you go shopping and keep in mind that you don’t have to invest all of your money in order to recreate bathrooms you might have seen in a magazine; you just need to get a bit creative and find the best alternatives for your unique situation.

More so, while a great design is mandatory, make sure to always check the quality, especially when it comes to durable tiles.


Inevitably, with any home improvement, there comes a time when someone needs to get their hands dirty. And that someone can either be you or a professional.

One of the most important things to do when renovating your bathroom is to replace the plumbing, and that still stands even if you are looking at a low budget kind of renovation.

That way you can ensure everything runs smoothly as the pipes won’t get clogged with calcium residue.  Also, don’t forget about the waterproofing, as it’s one of the most important features of any well functioning bathroom — withstanding moisture and reducing the chance of mold build-up.


Storage in a bathroom can be absolutely critical, especially when you’re dealing with limited space. Very frequently, storage can be the main reason why people decide to renovate their bathrooms in the first place.

From bathroom vanities to mirror cabinets, make sure you create the perfect space where you can do your daily routine while having everything you need at hand.  More so, don’t waste any space and learn how to use the walls for storage, but also don’t overdo it and end up with obstacles on your way to the shower.


In order to create a beautiful and inviting space, you need to pay close attention to the lighting in any room that you want to renovate and the bathroom is no exception.

The tricky part is that sometimes you need very strong, bright lightning in the bathroom for whenever you’re shaving or doing your makeup or anything like that; but sometimes, in case you want to relax, you want to be able to dim the lights and take a long, relaxing bath.

For this reason, it’s important to consider the kind of lighting fixtures you’d want in there and of course the ability to install dimmable switches and appropriate lightbulbs to create the perfect mood.

Of course, no matter how many lighting fixtures you decide to install, don’t forget that natural light is still king and you should work towards getting as much of it in there, as possible.

A change is always welcome, but when it comes to renovating your bathroom, you need to understand the importance of a well-designed plan. This is a two-part journey: the technical one and the creative one. Therefore, in order to end up with a well functioning bathroom space, you need to put an equal amount of effort into both parts so you can reap the rewards on the other end.

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  5. My dad would like to replace the toilet in his bathroom, which is why we’re currently looking for a plumbing service that may do the job. Well, he would also like to renovate his bathroom; therefore, I’ll keep in mind that he must scan through those magazines for inspiration. You’re also right that he must not waste any space and place more storage in it if he can.

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  11. I agree with you that planning can be your best friend when dealing with renovations. It is important to consider this so you set an appropriate budget. We need to renovate our kitchen before the year is out, so I wanted to get more information.

  12. I haven’t thought of the importance of good lighting in the bathroom. I totally agree with you that we should aim for more natural light as much as possible for our bathroom. My husband and I are thinking of remodeling our bathroom. I will definitely take your advice when I find a bathroom remodeling contractor for my home.

  13. First time reading a post exclusively written for bathroom renovation. Thanks for writing and sharing your knowledge with us.

  14. Thank you for pointing out that you need to define the purpose of a remodel so that you can set plans and get the results you want. About a week ago, I was talking with my uncle, and he mentioned that his bathroom looks like it was made in the 70s. He wants to create a much more industrial and modern feel to the space. I will have to help him figure out the plan and look into contractors that could help him.

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  17. It’s great to learn that you should look at magazines and websites to help you remodel your bathroom. My wife and I are wanting to renovate our bathroom and we were wondering where we could get ideas for the design of the remodel. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should look at magazines and websites before remodeling the bathroom.

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  20. Great Bathroom renovation! I admire your craftsmanship & think your work is like art! I’m a amateur DIYer & love fixing up my old bathroom into a beautiful space. I really enjoy your articles. Thank you for your professional tips! You make it look so easy…. Even when its not.


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