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Creating beautiful commercial landscapes starts with investing in professional landscaping services. According to cost estimates on Forbes, expect to spend $50 for minor jobs like basic lawn care and $7,000 for labor-intensive landscape tasks. Attractive and well maintained outdoor spaces are essential for commercial properties since well-manicured commercial landscapes invite customers and boost business reputation.

Unfortunately, many business organizations pay less attention to the exterior part of their premises because they lack knowledge about commercial landscaping. What many businesses don’t know is that a few simple landscape design tricks go a long way in creating stunning exteriors. With this in mind, learning every aspect of business landscaping, including how to organize a garden shed, is crucial. Below are a few commercial landscaping project ideas to boost your business.

Invest in Planters to Highlight the Entrance

Creating a welcoming entrance to your business premises is an excellent way of leaving a first good impression on customers. Naturally, colorful, blooming, flowering shrubs create a cheerful and inviting mood. Therefore, consider growing a variety of colorful vegetation in planters and place them at the front door. Since planters provide a flexible way to add color, design, and interest to your property, adding them to your commercial landscape will make your business stand out and grab the attention of consumers.

Plant Trees

Besides adding colorful plants, planting sleek trees adds a modern vibe to your business property. So, make a point of planting a variety of trees at the entrance and in the yard strategically. It’s worth noting the type of plants and trees you choose will have a significant impact on your commercial landscape. Choosing vegetation that thrives well in your location is important.

You also have to think about maintenance. For example, you must budget for professional tree service, such as tree trimming and tree removal. Tree trimming services are essential as they help ensure branches don’t overgrow, while tree removal helps prevent sick trees from affecting healthy plants.

Install Benches, Shades, and Water Features

Having a seating area outdoors where clients and employees can get fresh air, relax and sign agreements shows you care about their wellbeing. As a result, you’ll attract exceptional talent and customers. To elevate your commercial landscape, add deck chairs and benches. For extra comfort, add shade and plant tall trees and shrubs. Installing deck chairs or benches and adding shade helps create a wow factor in your exterior space.

You can also add interest and beauty to your business property by installing an outdoor water feature. A water fountain or small garden pond will make your business’s outdoor space appear cozy. You can decorate the water feature with statement rocks, low-lying planters, and well-designed signage.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Another commercial landscape project worth investing in is outdoor lighting. You want to ensure your business property looks attractive and bright even during the night. So, how do you light up your business landscape? Depending on your budget and preferences, you can install strip lights on outdoor surfaces and fixtures, or light up exterior spaces with string lights. Other ideal outdoor lighting ideas for your business include recessed lighting, layered lighting, hanging pendant lights and chandeliers, and installing sconce lights.

Decorating the exterior space in commercial properties is a perfect way of attracting clients and boosting your organization’s reputation. To create appealing landscapes in commercial spaces, landscape designers suggest planting trees, installing benches and water features. Also, create an inviting entrance using planters and add outdoor lighting fixtures.