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How Can I Make My Small Bathroom Look Luxurious?

Do you have a small bathroom? Are you having difficulty making it look elegant? Having a small bathroom should not hinder you from making the most of the space. It may be challenging to work with small bathrooms. But small spaces, when utilized creatively, can appear spacious and elegant.

Moreover, you can get up your game without putting pressure on your wallet. Fortunately, there are various tricks you can use to make your small bathroom look grand and feel luxurious. Read on to find out more.

Renew the tiles

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To give a new and clean look, renew your tiles by either painting them with tile paint or adding a different type of tiles. You can also keep renewing the grout so that your bathroom floor does not look shabby but clean and new.

Add floating vanity

Floating vanities are the new trend for luxurious bathrooms. So you can add a floating vanity in your bathroom to create a high-class ambiance. Moreover, these vanities will also make your bathroom appear bigger, so get yours today at Victoria Plum.

Use open vanities

If you can keep things organized, then go for open vanities. These vanities provide a chic and stylish look to your bathroom.

Use glass

Instead of dividing your bathroom with a wall to take a shower, you should go with open glass showers. By using glass, you can easily separate the shower area and also make your bathroom appear more spacious. Glass will also add a stunning ambiance to your bathroom.

Install new fixtures

Updating the fixtures in your bathroom can instantly make your bathroom look stylish and elegant. Black, gold, copper, rose gold fixtures look impressive, and they are sure to capture the eye.

Add large mirrors

Mirrors not only look amazing, but they also reflect light and will help in creating an optical illusion of added space in your small bathroom.

Put up artworks

Similarly, add artworks in your bathroom. They give an elegant appeal to the surroundings and thus will make your bathroom more luxurious.

Install more lights

Lights brighten up a room. They reflect off surfaces and allow you to perceive where everything is. So you need good lighting in your small bathroom to make it look bigger and better. You can also add LED lights to your bathroom.

Play around with light colors

Use light colors in your small bathroom. For instance, an all-white bathroom will look bigger than it actually is because white reflects the most light, so it creates an illusion of space. So going for light colors for walls, floors, toilets, and vanities will not only make your bathroom bigger but also luxurious.

Recessed storage spaces

If you are renovating your bathroom, then it is a good idea to make recessed storage spaces. These will not only allow you to store easily in a small space, but you can also free up space in your small bathroom, thus making it look cleaner and bigger.

Add luxurious accessories

You can upgrade your bathroom by adding accessories for ambiance. For instance, add in scented candles, oil diffusers, beautiful dispenser bottles, bath mats, and customized towels.


So now you know that small spaces can be easily made to look bigger, luxurious, and stylish. So if you have a small bathroom that needs renovating, then use these tips and tricks to make your small bathroom look chic and elegant.

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