LED lights and the decision of many to use them as an alternative to regular lights

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When we talk about lighting, we must take into account the great importance it has for any area of our lives, from lighting our room, looking for something specific in a dark room, recording a video or taking a photo, even lighting up a work area specifically, is that good lighting is extremely essential.

For this reason, the use of LED lighting has become so popular in recent years, not only because of its durability, but also because of the intensity and clarity that it gives, compared to other types of lighting, for example, in an inspection area, having products such as LED Spotlights tend to be more used than other types of lighting products, since they work to be able to better observe specific spaces and be able to capture any substance or detail.

The importance of lighting for artificial vision

It must be taken into account that the creation of LED lighting was created to supplement lighting in places where it did not reach or was not sufficient, as well as for image processing, inspection work, among many other activities. Lights with this type of integrated power output control facility ensure a constant light level at all times and a wide voltage range.

Therefore, by providing a stable and long-lasting light, LED products are used in any variety of activities, such as inspection work in industrial areas, especially since several of these are designed to withstand complicated environments.

Advantages of LED lights compared to other types of lighting products

As led lights are products that, as previously mentioned, are created for long duration and intense lighting, they bring with them a wide variety of advantages that are far superior compared to other lighting products, being the following advantages:

  • They have low voltage.
  • They maintain a low temperature
  • Energy saving, since its consumption tends to be low
  • It has a wide spectral range
  • Speed for its activation, this means its on/off speed is much more than other types of lighting.
  • High profitability
  • They are reliable products and their duration tends to make comparison long
  • LED lights are resistant to vibrations, since no filament passes the current of electricity.

Main lighting problem in industrial work areas

The problem with vision applications in industrial settings is that they are usually not homogeneously pleasing at natural light levels. Being clear in a work environment, natural lighting will vary as the day goes by, and even though there is backlight, it will not do enough for people to be able to observe the situation that is presented to them and be able to achieve a job.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the other types of lighting instruments will lower the percentage of light that the artificial vision cameras will require. The only solution for this type of problem is to have artificial lighting application products, so that the lighting is constant and homogeneous at any time that it is operating.