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Top 7 reasons why you should consider epoxy flooring

One of the major components of a construction project is preventive maintenance and this is where epoxy flooring comes into play. If well done, preventive maintenance can help save money in the long run.  Many consumers prefer epoxy floors thanks to their strength and resilience. In addition to protecting your building, epoxy floors also have several benefits to building owners seeking to have long-lasting floors. Below are the top reasons to invest in Epoxy floors.

Easy and fast installation

It is relatively easier to install epoxy floors compared to other industrial floors. Although it is not an entirely DIY project, this type of flooring can be installed with less hassle. These types of floors are installed on a concrete slab although any other porous surface can be used.

Epoxy floors are more durable
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Epoxy resin is fully sealed from moisture and resistant to scuff, stain, scratch, heat, and impact. These floors are therefore more durable and have unparalleled strength. They are able to withstand heavy, repetitive weight loads from mobile as well as stationary machinery. These types of floors do no crack or chip. The high durability saves costs associated with the repair, maintenance, and replacement.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Epoxy flooring creates a seamless surface that is very easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the surface is impenetrable and able to repel water, grease, and oil. Dirt, dust, and grim can also be easily swept away.

The seamless surface is also resistant to chemicals and repels mildew hence it sterilizes efficiently. It, therefore, reduces the amount of time spent on janitorial duties as well as supply and maintenance-related repairs.

Customizable Aesthetics

Epoxy floors are one of the most attractive available on the market.  It helps transform traditional plain, dull concrete floors into a sophisticated and attractive, sleek, three-dimensional floor. The availability of customizable options enables one to select from a variety of colors, artful metallic, plus other personalization.

Epoxy floors also allow you the flexibility of adding high gloss shine and multiple color schemes and branding in order to get an impressively looking floor. Epoxy floors also reflect a lot of light making the entire room brighten. This reduces the need for luxury lighting and saves money.

Anti-slip surface

With employee safety becoming a major discussion in many organizations, businesses are investing in office designs that guarantee a safe working environment. Epoxy floors have enough friction and a firm grip to prevent sliding or falling over. In addition to providing anti-slip surfaces, epoxy floors are also heat and fire-resistant.

Environmentally friendly

Currently, consumption is tied to environmental conservation and many consumers are seeking eco-friendly solutions. Epoxy floors pose no threat to the environment making them ideal both in residential and commercial spaces.


There are several options that come with epoxy coating making the cost per square foot relatively cheaper. In addition, it is easy to add epoxy coating over pre-existing surfaces hence saving you time and money. There are no prerequisites needed before applying the epoxy coating.

There is no doubt that epoxy flooring has become one of the latest trends in building construction. Depending on where it is applied, you need to apply an epoxy primer and finisher coat. Epoxy primer is applied the same way as paint and is allowed several hours before applying the epoxy.

The primer is applied after covering the floor with a thin layer of water.  A roller tied on a pole is then used to spread the epoxy in a thin layer over the whole floor. The first layer is allowed to dry before applying the second one. The primer is applied at the same time as a finisher.

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  1. Nice information! Because of its strength and resilience, epoxy flooring is popular among customers.

  2. Great content! Informative!!! Epoxy flooring is really an amazing choice because of its benefits and designs. You can use non-slip additive for bathrooms and it can withstand heavy objects in garage. Not to mention how aesthetic, Woa!

  3. Great Article! When it comes to flooring, epoxy is the toughest! It is slip-resistant, shock-resistant, and less abrasive than concrete and other types of flooring. It also has a lot of advantages over other flooring systems. One of them is that it provides a dazzling, high-gloss appearance that may instantly boost the brightness of any interior space at a price you can afford.


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