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Unless you are mesmerized by the animation movie – Tangled, it’s highly unlikely that you would prefer corded tools for your regular jobs. I mean, come on! Who needs to wrap himself up in long, messy cords when it’s distinctively easier to get the jobs done by a cordless one! Yes, we are talking construction tools and equipment here!

Most power tools nowadays have cordless alternatives and if you can ignore a few glitches (not so crucial, of course!), wireless tools are lifesavers! If you are looking for a power tool for your construction works, cordless tools should be your prime choice. It frees you from sticking to power output and doesn’t limit your movement from place to place. This makes it very convenient and practical to carry on different tasks in a construction area. This eventually accelerates the completion speed!

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In today’s piece, we will discuss 7 most useful cordless power tools that are absolutely necessary for any construction work! Stay tuned till the end!

7 Useful construction tools and equipment

The following are the 7 most useful tools that you need to keep handy. No matter what work you are carrying on, these tools will be your primary picks, for sure. So, let’s hope in detail!

Cordless Jigsaw

A cordless jigsaw is a small power tool that is used to cut curved lines on a wooden piece. While regular saws are meant for cutting straight lines on wooden materials, a cordless jigsaw is used for curving out complicated and curved lines.

Depending on the height and tooth count of the blade you attach, you can use a jigsaw blade for multiple purposes. From wooden pieces to even metal materials, a cordless jigsaw can be used to make cuts on a variety of materials. The basic format of the jigsaw is the blade moves upward and downwards to make the cuts.

With the speed control option, you can control how fast the blade moves while you are cutting.

Use in Construction Site

  • Curving out wooden part for doors and windows
  • Cutting sheet metal for machinery parts

Cordless mini circular saw

A circular saw is a power tool that features a toothed disc blade in the middle. The disc blade rotates on its axis and eventually cuts through the wooden piece you are applying it on. From plastic to wood and even metal – this power saw can cut almost any materials that come in front of it.

As you can tell, there are two versions of a circular saw – a regular one and a mini one. While the regular one can be used to cut heavy-duty materials, a mini circular saw can be used for cutting laminated wood or softwood for household purposes.

Use in Construction Site

  • Cutting laminated wood particles for door or table
  • Cutting plastics for different decorating appliances of a house

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is actually what you know as a drill machine from the past. It’s just got wireless. This battery-powered electric drill can be used to make holes in different parts of a wooden structure. It comes with a number of attachments on the front that are known as bits. Bits have different sizes and diameters to punch different sizes of holes.

Another benefit that you can get from a cordless drill is to fasten screws and nails. Using the proper drill bit, you can use it to fasten any screw on any surface, just like that.

Use in Construction Site

  • Making holes on walls and wooden structure with nail bits
  • Fastening screws on joints of wood-pieces

Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

As the name suggests, this jackhammer is used to destroy. When you are working on construction sites, you need to break solid stones or concrete bricks at times. An electric demolition jackhammer is the only pal you have that makes the job easy. It comes with some attachment known as a chisel.

Different chisels come in different shapes – some come in bull-point, some come in a flat design. Depending on what you are breaking apart, you need to attach the related chisel to the hammer.

Use in Construction Site

  • This is mainly used to break apart and for demolition of concrete blocks and bricks

Nail Gun and Air Compressor

An electric cordless nail gun is the latest development and upgrade to the age old hammer. The nail gun is used to nail nails on wooden models and structures. All you need to do, is simply point the gun head towards the point you need to nail and pull the trigger. Just like a typical gun, it will fire a nail at the target area and literally nail it!

Generally, a nail gun is powered by an air compressor that comes with it. The only problem with an air compressor-run nail gun is that you have to carry the load of the compressor with you.

Use in Construction Site

  • It is used to nail and join different wooden parts
  • It can also be used to attach sheets and covers against a wall or wooden floor

Concrete Saw

A Concrete Saw is an advancement from the regular circular saw we had seen earlier. It’s designed the same way, but a bit larger in size and more powerful. The rotating disc blade on the saw is quite powerful to cut through concrete blocks and bricks.

So, basically, a concrete saw is a mixture of a circular saw and a demolition jackhammer. It looks like a circular saw but acts like a demolition hammer.

Use in Construction Site

  • This is mainly used to break apart and for demolition of concrete blocks and bricks

Reciprocating Saw

Contrary to a jigsaw, a reciprocating saw has a blade at the front of it. The blade acts the same way as a jigsaw, but the movement of it is back and forth. It’s basically a jigsaw held at a 90-degree angle. This saw is mainly used in cutting down the wood pieces and other materials where you can’t put your hands in.

Other than construction sites, a reciprocating saw is used to cut windows and other parts of places where emergency rescue is due.

Use in Construction Site

  • The saw is used to cut parts of a wooden or metal structure in a straight-line format where it’s hard to reach

Final Words

Although there are plenty of other tools that you need to use on a construction site, these 7 tools are the most common choices. If you are into construction works and planning on preparing your arsenal, you can’t simply miss these 7 cordless power tools. From breaking down bricks to fixing wooden parts – these tools can support you in different ways.

So, the next time you shop for your garage, make sure you sneak into this page once again!

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