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5 tips on how to meet construction deadlines

Commercial construction projects, tend to be complicated and expensive ventures. Be it a building, shopping center, corporate office, or any other type of commercial building, one usually has a problem when its time to meet construction deadlines. One way of working around this would be learning how to anticipate these setbacks before they occur in order to keep things on track.

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Below some tips to help you plan and meet your construction deadlines:

Hire a Construction Manager

Hiring a project manager to help plan and execute your construction deadline is a great way to ensure your deadlines are met, especially when the project has various tasks that need to be tracked to completion.


Communicating with your contractor early and often is just as important as setting up a budget. Everybody involved in the project needs to know what is happening and what the projected timeline is to avoid delay.

Agree on costs from the start

Being one of the biggest and most common disagreements between clients and contractors, cost and budget is also one of the biggest causes for missed construction deadlines, so coming to an agreement early on is crucial for any project. Inasmuch as estimates are subject to change, working with a general budget helps to keep things in perspective.

Sticking to the Plan

Developing a plan and sticking to it is the best way to avoid setbacks on any commercial construction project. This means agreeing on a budget, defining expectations and communicating with your contractor often. With even minor setbacks costing thousands of dollars in this industry, sticking to your original plan not only saves time, but money too.

Avoid Last Minute Changes

Details like flooring, roofing and plumbing should all be discussed before construction actually begins. Issues with design should be communicated with your contractor to develop a solution as soon as possible.


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