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7 major causes of construction downtime

Construction downtime can cause additional expenses and worse, a huge profit loss to clients and vendors. The following are some of the major causes of construction downtime that can be avoided to ensure a successful and timely project execution.

Lack of proper equipment

Using the wrong machinery for the wrong job does not only cause a waste of time and low productivity, but also compromises the limitations and longevity of the heavy equipment. Therefore, before heavy machinery gets crushed, invest in the right equipment.

Break down of machinery

When heavy equipment or the attachments reach their limitations, they become prone to damage and wear out, and to make matters worse, they break down. Machinery failures are costly. Although regular preventive maintenance helps ensure that machine works 100%, investing in reliable equipment saves a lot of time, money, and effort.

Waiting for new attachments

Waiting time obviously causes delays in finishing projects. If a new attachment is needed in the middle of the project, purchasing or renting new equipment is the only option. Waiting for new attachments puts things on hold because it may take some time before attachment suppliers can supply.

When it comes to buying new equipment, make sure to contact trusted manufacturers who can deliver high quality products quickly and on time.

Equipment certifications

Ensure that every heavy equipment, excavator attachment, and construction machinery pass certification or comply with legislation. This will ensure that there are no stoppages arising from legal issues with regards to the machines.

Wet weather

Dealing with wet soil or mud during rainy days can be a headache, especially if the wrong equipment is being used. It causes a lot of downtime when heavy machinery gets stuck in the mud. Instead of working in the project, heavy machines or workers use their time in lifting the large equipment out of the sticky soil.

This can be avoided by using the appropriate excavator attachments. Some modern attachments prevent the sticky mud and clay from clogging and sticking on them. This means smooth digging and trenching on construction site.

Accidents to workers

The machines need operators to run; but what is important here is ensuring the safety of each person on the project site.

Each worker should be equipped with safety gear on the construction site at all times. Guidelines should also be discussed and reminded. These things must strictly be implemented to prevent accidents.

Mismanagement and disorganization

Poor management is a big impediment to the successful execution of a construction project. Management is the foundation of the project. If the foundation is shaky, then the building will surely collapse.

Good management starts with good communication. The team working on a project should maintain good communication, especially when things do not go well on the ground. The management should create a conducive environment where everyone feels comfortable to talk about the plan, to send reports, and to ask questions from the first day of the project. Most importantly, it should ensure everyone is present when discussions about the project are taking place.

Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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