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Aurora Solar, a Portland-based company is interested in leasing 2,631 acres south of Clarkston, Washington, for a solar project in Asotin. The solar venture, which is owned by Avangrid Renewables, will be in Clarkston Heights next week to get public comments on the project and will have a town hall meeting to propose it. The project is being planned for privately-held agricultural property three miles southwest of Clarkston and one mile west of Asotin, on a plateau above the Quail Ridge Golf Course.

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The solar project in Asotin would have a producing capacity of up to 150 megawatts and a battery energy storage system. Preliminary plans include a substation, operations building, access roads, fencing, and transmission lines to connect the proposed substation to Avista’s current Dry Gulch substation. The business has stated that it intends to apply for a conditional-use permit this spring, with the goal of finishing construction by the end of 2024. Officials stated Monday that public comment on the idea is part of the pre-application process. According to Karst Riggers, a construction official, once the permit application is completed, the solar farm will have to go before the planning commission.

Clean energy from solar project in Asotin

“This planned project will provide clean, renewable energy for local and regional energy markets, contributing to Washington state’s transition to a sustainable energy future.” According to information supplied to Asotin County officials, “the proposed project can cut carbon emissions in the utility sector while also stimulating local economic growth through temporary construction jobs and long-term tax payments to the county.” Before Aurora Solar takes any official action, locals will have the opportunity to express concerns and speak with business representatives in person during a town hall meeting next Wednesday. Avangrid is active in renewable energy development around the country through wind and solar projects.

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