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Botswana awards 100Km Pipeline Project to Khato Civils

The government of Botswana has awarded 100km pipeline project to Khato Civils. The company will be working together with Water Utilities Corporation to implement similar projects that will contribute towards social and economic emancipation of communities in the identified villages along the corridor of the new 100km project.

The 100 km pipeline project

According to Khato Civils CEO, Mongezi Mnyani, due to the urgency of water supply required into greater Gaborone, the design and implementation of the project will be fast tracked and completed within 12 months of the award of contract. “The site establishment processes are already underway including the mobilisation and sourcing of all required materials for the execution of the project,” he added.

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In addition to that, Mnyani said that Khato Civils will be sub-contracting 30% of the works to Batswana owned local sub-contractors and suppliers in order to boost their economic and developmental state as required by local legislation.

Khato Civils joint venture, which already has a clean track record in Botswana, having undertaken a US $18m water works at Mmadinare, recently signed on the dotted lines for the commencement of the US $65m Pula water works scheduled for completion inside 12 months.

About Khato Civils

So far in Botswana, the company has built a classroom block and improved the look of the cemetery in Mmadinare where they implemented two water works projects for WUC. The company is also currently building a classroom block for reception class at Letsibogo Primary School in Mmadinare.


  1. we are so happy for the work that you are doing in Botswana..
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