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Chinese road construction projects in Namibia a boon for youth

The ongoing road construction projects in Namibia by China has proved to be a boon for the youth in the country who needed employment opportunities,human resource manager for China Henan International Cooperation Group has announced.

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The firm says that it has been able to employ over 6000 youths in the region to the various work sites hence reducing the unemployment rates in the country.

The human resource manager added that in the recently upgraded a road linking Otjinene with Okamatapati in the east Omaheke region they were able to change the lives of the youths around the project both skilled and non skilled.

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The over 140-km road that was upgraded to bitumen standards by the company was inaugurated by President Hage Geingob last week.

Nashixwa has been part of the project for the past three years and she says the whole industry has transformed her life in ways she could have never imagined.

“We are currently having more than five road projects that we are working on and we are happy that we have more that 70% of the work force locally which is above the government requirements that needs over 50% of work force to gather from the locals” he added.

He said that most of the companies from China are keen on ensuring that they use the local task force to reduce the high number of unemployed youths.

According to the local minister for transport they are looking forward to ensure that the construction sector is occupied by the locals to ensure that those who are jobless are wel catered for.

He added that there are more new projects coming up as well as many new rural roads being built, will connect the country’s many small and remote villages to the main road network.

Yet apart from improving transportation and boosting trade, the official suggests the road has transformed many local people’s lives in a more specific way.

Chinese road construction projects in Namibia a boon for youth


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