CMC to build a $450 M MM4 micro mill in West Virginia

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Commercial Metals Company(CMC) recently announced its plans to develop a $450 million MM4 micro mill in Berkeley County, West Virginia. The Texas-based developer selected this region as the location for its fourth mill in the U.S. Like the other three mills, this new plant will also recycle scrap metals and convert them into sustainable steel products.

CMC’s President, Barbara Smith said West Virginia offers several attractive advantages for the MM4 project. She pointed out that the state provides a welcoming business environment, as well as a skilled available labor force. Additionally, the development will take place at a planned site, located within the state’s eastern panhandle near Martinsburg. According to Smith, this is an ideal location to serve key metropolitan markets in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, including the Midwest.

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Development plans for the MM4 micro mill

Upon completion, the new MM4 micro mill will have the capacity to produce 500,000 tons of steel products. CMC intends to produce both straight length and spooled rebar products at the facility, by using the latest green technology. Smith mentioned that the plant’s design will allow it to connect directly to renewable energy sources.

The furnaces at the MM4 micro mill will make use of 100% electric energy to melt the steel. Therefore, it would be among the most efficient and environmentally conscious steel-making facilities in the world. The developer expects the facility to be fully operational by the end of 2025.

Gov. Jim Justice was pleased with the MM4 micro mill project which he said would produce essential steel products for construction. The Governor said several construction projects make use of these steel products for highways, bridges and industrial structures. Therefore, he said this project was particularly important in the Mountain State, which has a proud history in the steel industry. He also said it was an honor that CMC selected West Virginia as the home for its new state-of-the-art facility.

The MM4 micro mill project will receive financial support from West Virginia in form of a $75 million Economic Development Project Fund. West Virginia’s Economic Development Authority recently met and agreed on the agenda, which they refer to as Project Kent in Berkeley County.

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