Construction of Bemiston Place multifamily complex in St Louis, Missouri, begins

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Holland Construction Services has begun construction of Bemiston Place, a multifamily complex in St Louis, Missouri.

The US$101 million project is nearly 300,000 square feet and will be made up of 237 units. They will all be fitted in the eight-story complex that includes a fourth-floor courtyard and a spa and pool. Additionally, it features a fitness center and clubhouse.

The construction will contain space for a two-floor restaurant and an additional six retail spaces totaling 10,300 square feet. This will extend Clayton’s entertainment zone. A 345-space  parking facility taking up 3 floors is also part of the project. Clever construction keeps it completely out of sight, however.

Shanley Building retained in the developments design plan

The National Register of Historic Places-listed Shanley Building next to the new construction was kept as part of the Bemiston Place design. This was important to the developer, Balke Brown Transwestern. Residents will utilize the area as a separate coworking and storage facility.

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According to Brown, the total development will be distinctive to the neighborhood once it is finished by giving residents the option of working from home or at the nearby Shanley office spaces. By May 2024, this project is expected to be finished.

Commentary on the Missouri Bemiston place project

Hord Coplan Macht is the project architect.

“This will be our fourth distinctive multi-family project with Holland, and I am continually pleased by their dependability and ease of collaboration. We are a design-driven developer, and Holland values our designs as distinctive structures rather than just another commodity,” said the developer Steve Brown of Balke Brown Transwestern.

With the developer’s creative design, this property will have a variety of diverse building materials on the façade and high-end interior finishes, according to Holland Project Director Dan Hotop. “This project is unlike any other we’ve worked on in the past,” he added.