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Construction of Harare’s Mbudzi Flyover Continues

Following the expiration of Harare City Council’s 48-hour eviction notices, the demolition of unlawfully built homes and tuckshops on road reserves in the Hopley district made way for the Mbudzi flyover’s building, and accompanying roadworks continue.

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Approximately 320 homes are being demolished as part of the preparations for the building of a flyover junction to replace the chronically congested Mbudzi roundabout.

On Monday, the bulk of illegal home and tuckshop owners along the Tariro Clinic road reserve continued to destroy buildings on their own, while a few chose to wait and see.

Some demolished whole-farm brick structures, while others just removed roofs, door and window frames, and windowpanes, leaving only the roofs, door and window frames, and windowpanes.

Mr Michael Chideme, a spokesperson for Harare City Council, said yesterday that the council would continue to engage recalcitrant property owners in an effort to guarantee that the project’s construction can proceed without additional disruptions.

“We are going to engage people who continue operating there. We will talk with them until they see reason,” he said. “The idea is not to use the stick, but to engage because we are dealing with human beings. We need to respect each other, we need to respect human dignity and their rights, but eventually, they will move away because of the engagement.”

Cabinet has authorised the Mbudzi flyover and work on repairing and upgrading surrounding roads to provide essential diversionary routes before workers enter the roundabout area has already begun.

This means the Harare City Council must take action to remove the illegal structures, some of which have been allowed to obstruct road reserves for up to six years.

The project’s main emphasis is the new flyover, but it also includes clearing a huge road reservation in the Hopley region, as well as cleaning the road reservation and other municipal land surrounding the proposed interchange construction.

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