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Construction of Metronet fibre optic network in Missouri begins

The construction of Metronet fibre optic network in Missouri has begun according to the developer. Metronet explained that residents and businesses in St. Joseph will have access to Metronet’s fiber optic internet. This is thanks to the multimillion-dollar initiative that Metronet has completely funded.

St. Joseph will become a Certified Gigabit City at the conclusion of the two-year development phase. The project is growing quickly across the city. The first consumers are anticipated to be linked by the spring of 2024.

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Furthermore, customers may register for presale. This will indicate their interest and prioritize service installation as it becomes available, as development progresses around the city.

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Further, residents of St. Joseph will start noticing Metronet trucks all over as construction activities spread out over the community. Thirty days prior to the start of construction, residents will get mail communications about it. Residents will also be given additional information to let them know when construction is starting in their neighborhood. ID badges and Metronet-branded vehicles serve as identifiers for Metronet crews.

Commentary on the Missouri Metronet fibre optic project

It is a top priority to meet St. Joseph’s demand for ultra-high-speed fiber optic internet that can assist our community’s companies and inhabitants. This is according to Mayor John Josendale.

“I’m convinced that Metronet’s investment will better equip the City of St. Joseph with best-in-class technology, putting us in a position for our future economic growth and improving the quality of life. A resilient infrastructure that can scale to even faster speeds will support the City of St. Joseph, boosting the online experience for locals and businesses,” explained Josendale.

“Reliable internet connectivity is essential, and we are pleased to soon provide St. Joseph the chance to connect to Metronet’s symmetrical, multi-gigabit fiber optic internet as the second community in Missouri,” commented Metronet CEO John Cinelli.

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