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Construction of highway from Juba to Terekeka in South Sudan complete

South Sudan’s Minister of Roads and Bridges Mr. Simon Mijok Mijak, announced that the construction of the highway from Juba to Terekeka has been completed, raising hope of easing movement in the young nation which has less than 125 km of tarmac roads since independence in 2011.

This section whose work begun in March last year, is a part of a 392-kilometre highway project that is intended link capital city Juba to the central Lakes state and northern Bhar El Ghazal region which connects to the Abyei region near Sudan.

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The Construction of the highway from Juba to Terekeka was awarded to Shandong Hi-Speed Group (SDHS) early last year. Mr. Mijak, SDHS said that they now plan to commence the construction works of the Bingaman-Yirol-Rumbek section.

Roads to peace and economic growth

Upon completion, this network of roads is projected to enhance connectivity thus leading to peace among the ethnic communities in the country as well as igniting economic growth.

“This roads are of a lot of importance, not just for driving cars on, but for connectivity whose main objective is to unite the people of South Sudan through social cohesion and social fabric. A united nation is a stronger nation,” said Mijak adding, “We can also see that people have started to put up plots along the road side, which would have been not the case if the road development was not implemented. We can also see farms coming up as well and this is for the good of the country’s economy,”

“I thank the SDHS Company and my team for the work well done and for their dedication to realizing history” he concluded.

The roads are also expected to connect the oil-rich nation with the economies of the neighboring countries of Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

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