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Construction of US $22.8m Twin Palms mall in Zambia complete

Construction of US $22.8m Novare Twin Palms mall has been completed at the Lusaka Salama Park, in Zambia.

Twin Palms mall

The mall has 12 000 square metres of prime retail space and will host 40 commercial retail outlets, which include anchors Shoprite and Woolworths. The project will help decongest the city and the central business district.

The Shoprite in this mall will stock 65% of local products which will present a great opportunity for local suppliers, even of small and medium nature to grow their business by delivering to the shop.

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According to the company, both phases of the mall were completed on time and within the budget. The expansion area of the project has been zoned for commercial development of 180m x 100m, which constitutes: an open field, a gravel access road to the existing mall’s delivery yard; three shipping containers (storage of mall equipment and stock), and a perimeter fence.

Phase one of the project was financed by First National Bank (FNB) Zambia and developed over a period of two years where it took up 7,500 square metres whereas phase two of the development has taken 4,000 square metres. Other Zambian assets in the Novare portfolio of properties are Great North, Pinnacle and the Standard Chartered Bank head office.

The project employed 300 people during the construction period. It is poised to create even more jobs when tenants begin to conduct their business at the mall. The mall is strategically located to help residents reduce on the costs that come with leaving their community to access facilities in the city centre.



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