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CP Capital and the NRP Group have plans to build their White Oak residential project in Silver Spring, Maryland. The project’s location will be at 2220 Broadbirch Drive, which is in close proximity to the new White Oak Medical Center. The developers named the 390-unit multifamily apartment after the site’s location.

 NRP Group’s senior VP, Josh Wooldridge said, the White Oak residential project would provide a convenient, centralized location. He also said residents would enjoy access to top-notch amenities, making it a welcome addition to the White Oak market. Another benefit of the location is that it gives renters direct access to Montgomery County’s new FLASH Bus Rapid Transit System. The project site is also in close proximity to MD Route 29, I-95, and the MD-200 Intercounty Connector.

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Development plans for White Oak residential project

The developers expect construction on the White Oak residential project to break ground by early 2023. However, they would need to demolish some structures for the project to move forward. A 66,150-square-foot office building and surface parking will be razed and replaced by a 5-story apartment community. 

The 390-unit White Oak residential project will be completed in two phases, with the first set scheduled for Q3 2024. While the second batch of units will be delivered by Q2 2025. The majority of the units in the community will be regular multifamily units. But the community also includes about 28 residential units with a two-over-two design.

Additionally, the White Oak residential community features an enclosed courtyard,  swimming pool, and sun deck, with outdoor cooking and dining locations. Other shared amenities include a dog park, pet spa,  gym, and parking garage with 380 parking spaces. A surface parking lot will also be available with up to 86 spaces, and 56 parking spaces within the driveway.

The developers intend to follow the Montgomery County planning board guidelines to provide 15% of Moderately Priced Dwelling Units. According to CP Capital officials, it would offer high-quality apartments with interior finishes such as quartz countertops and vinyl wood flooring

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