Construction to start next year on two residential projects in Helsinki

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The housing department HATT has hired NCC to construct two residential projects in the Finnish city of Helsinki. The contract is worth about SEK300 million ($28.9 million).

NCC will be in charge of carrying out the construction of two various residential apartment projects in Helsinki as per the terms of this contract. These include Laajasalo – Gunillanpuisto and Svanströminkuja.

The Gunillanpuisto project has two buildings with 66 tenant-owned apartments and a parking garage. The Svanströminkuja project also consists of 77 rental units for seniors spread across two connected buildings. Geothermal heating systems will be installed in every building.

“This project is a good continuation of the solid and long-term relationship between the City of Helsinki and NCC,” said Catarina Molén-Runnäs, head of Buildings Nordics at NCC.

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The residential projects in Helsinki

The two projects’ construction will start early next year and will both be finished by the end of 2024.

In Q4 2022, NCC will record the value of this contract under its Building Nordics business segment. NCC and AB Tranåsbostäder won a contract to construct the Junkaremål school in Tranås, Sweden, last month.

The estimated value of the turnkey contract is SEK180 million ($17.35 million).

In order to make way for a new building that will house an elementary school with a preschool class through grade 6 for 392 students and an elementary special education division for an additional 55 students, an existing school building will be demolished.

The goal is to have these Helsinki’s residential projects finished before the start of the 2024 autumn term.