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Construction of world?s largest integrated transportation hub complete

Construction work on Beijing’s Daxing International Airport in China, world’s largest integrated transportation hub has been completed.

The Beijing’s Daxing International Airport located in Daxing district in Hebei Province, approximately 46 kilometers south of Beijing, China was constructed at a cost of US $13bn with a phoenix-shaped or other star fish shaped structure.

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Beijing’s Daxing International Airport

This building structure was designed by the legendary British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid together with the engineering subsidiary of Aeroports de Paris and has been under construction since 2014 on a 700 000 square meters piece of land making it the second-largest single building terminal in the world after Istanbul Airport.

Other than being the world’s largest integrated transportation hub Beijing Daxing international airport is the the world’s largest terminal built with a seamless steel structure, boasting the world’s first design of double-deck departure and double-deck arrival platforms, according to Bai Henghong, the project director with the Beijing Construction Group. It is also the 2nd largest single building terminal in the world.

The new Daxing airport is designed in such a way that passengers from 28 cities will be able to access it within 19 minutes by use of high speed train travelling at 350km/h. upon arrival, the passengers shall find a 700,000m2 terminal and 80,000m2 ground transportation center connected to five courtyards which snake out from the primary hall. There will be five traditional gardens for passengers to wait for their flights as well.

The airport also comprises of one passenger handling center rather than several terminals as it is with the modern airports. According to the designers, this was borrowed from traditional Chinese architecture that organizes interconnected spaces around a central courtyard and it is meant to minimize the buildings environmental footprint.

The airport is expected to begin operations before the end of September, after a total of 787 tests are carried out involving 500 flights and some 52,000 simulated passenger trips. It will be opened with four run ways that can be expanded up to eight as passenger numbers grow.


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