Cost of completing the KNEC building in Kenya goes up to US$ 35m

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Construction cost of the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) building which has been under construction for the past three decades has increased to a whopping US $35m. This is according to Auditor-General, Mr. Edward Ouko who said that it is a 15 times increment.

The New KNEC building

He explained that the New Mitihani House requires an additional US $17m to be complete even after taxpayers spent US $19m on the project.

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“Construction begun way back in 1986 hence it appears the ministry is not eager to complete the project and as a result, the project will continue incurring additional costs,” he said in a qualified audit opinion of the books of accounts of Knec.

The new building was intended to have a complex where printing of all council examination papers would be done and is expected to house the entire council secretariat. The move is expected to reduce the cost of printing examinations, minimize the security risk and enhance confidentiality of the examinations.

Knec CEO Joseph Kivilu said management of examinations has been difficult since the council currently operates from different offices. The council currently operates from six different locations in the city paying US$ 587,000 in rent but once they move into the new building they shall have total control and also enhance safeguards.