Cuore Verde development project reaches 60% completion

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The Cuore Verde Development project has reportedly reached 60% completion. The commercial development’s location is within the New Administrative Capital in Egypt. Due to its concept of the incorporation of an urban forest, the project is hailed as a first of its kind. Furthermore, the project will make use of solar-powered solutions.

The project is under the expertise of Egypt’s very own Archplan Developments. The firm officially confirmed the US $16 million project’s progress. The project is developed in partnership with Stefano Boeri, an Italian architect.

The Cuore Verde development project to promote productivity and creativity

Cuore Verde will span an area of 3,400 square meters. It will feature 110 commercial units. The building’s design aims to promote creativity and productivity. This is because it draws inspiration from Ancient Egyptian architecture.

Moreover, the project features an urban forest. Its inspiration and concept were pioneered in 2014 by Boeri with the Bosco Verticale project in Italy.

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Cuore Verde Development project’s location is approximately 3 minutes from El Masa hotel, 2 minutes from the presidential palace, and 1 minute from the government district. It, therefore, offers residents and visitors the convince of still being within proximity to significant establishments.

The project’s sustainability

The CEO of Archplan Development spoke about the project. Ahmed Ayman revealed that the sustainability elements of the project will make use of solar power lighting. Furthermore, Cuore Verde Development will include smart controls for heat and lighting. This will be in an effort towards reducing carbon emissions and electricity consumption.

Moreover, Ahmed Ayman revealed that the firm’s sister company was involved in the New Administrative Capital’s master plan design. The sister company to the developer also contributed to the incorporation of smart and green concepts into the megaproject. Furthermore, the developer is also developing mega-scale projects throughout the UAE as well as the Sultanate of Oman.