Second Phase of Iconic Trinity Complex (ITC) at NAC, Egypt, Launched

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Recently, the second phase of the Iconic Trinity Complex (ITC) was launched by Dahab Development, the real estate company’s first project, in the New Administrative Capital (NAC).

Nader Moawad, Chairperson of Dahab Development, stated that Egypt is in a historic period due to the state and political leadership’s determination to support urban development projects and launch fourth-generation cities, particularly the NAC.

Additionally, Moawad mentioned that the company is considering launching new projects in the near future, particularly a residential project on the NAC’s R8 or in the Beit Al-Watan neighborhood of New Cairo.

Vice Chairperson Youssef Nader Moawad added that the project is situated in the MU-23 Area of the NAC. The second phase of the project would commence once the first phase has been successful.

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With a 30% built-up area, the project spans approximately 25,000 sq m. The Iconic Trinity Complex project will be concluded in October of next year. He added that the total investments have reached EGP 1 billion.

Additionally, he noted that 25% of the project has been sold out. The company has a specific sales policy centered on selling the project in phases to safeguard it from price fluctuations and increases in construction costs that the market is currently experiencing.

The Iconic Trinity Complex Project’s commissioning

According to Sherif Moawad, a member of the board of directors for Dahab Development, the project will commence operations in March of next year.

He also confirmed that it has a total area of 25,000 square meters, with 2,450 square meters allotted for each floor, and that it is divided into a ground floor and nine storeys.

The building also has a garage with a 16,000-sq-m floor area that can hold 600 vehicles. It has two basements that take up the entirety of the project’s land.

The project’s construction is being undertaken by ITC. Also, the interior finishes are being conducted by the Lebanese Chaddad Group, Walid Abdel Ghaffar’s PROMET, and ITC.

Furthermore, the chairperson disclosed that his company has hired senior consultants. This is to ensure the project is completed in the best possible manner.

These consultants include YBA Architects, led by Yasser Al-Beltagy, who will prepare the project designs.

Hany Sobhy, a Dahab Development’s Board of Directors member, mentioned that the Iconic Trinity Complex project is located in the NAC’s first operating area. It has high completion rates and advanced ground-level development.