Design plans for The LOOP, a controlled-climate cycling highway in Dubai, revealed

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Design plans for The LOOP, a 93-kilometer all-year-round controlled-climate cycling highway in Dubai, have been revealed. The designs, which show spectacular infrastructure, encapsulated in a curved, glass structure, were revealed by URB.

According to the design, the LOOP will feature greenery and include an array of pocket parks. It will also include vertical farms within the structure. The farms will be used to grow to produce, further allowing for more local production of food in the city. Additionally, the project will also feature allotments and playgrounds.

Furthermore, the project will feature shared facilities for neighborhoods alongside resilient infrastructures.

The aim of The LOOP

The LOOP strives to promote and encourage walking and cycling as a primary mode of transport, especially for people in Dubai. Indeed, it aims to get well over 80% of residents to use a bicycle on a daily basis.

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The development also aims to promote Dubai’s ambitious development goal of becoming a 20-minute city. As a result, residents would be able to access destinations as well as daily needs within 20 minutes, either by bicycle or by foot.

Furthermore, the LOOP strives to embrace the Dubai 2040 urban master plan through the provision of better connectivity. 

Remarks on the project for the development of the controlled-climate cycling highway in Dubai

While commenting on the project, the CEO of URB said that it is a great opportunity in fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in urban mobility. Moreover, Baharash Bagherian, added that the project is an embodiment of that entrepreneurial spirit. 

The CEO further added that the project aims to re-engineer the future of mobility infrastructure, especially in Dubai. Currently, there is a huge gap between public urban transport and cycling. Therefore, the more the two meet into closer integration, the easier it will become for Dubai’s residents to incorporate cycling into their modes of transportation.