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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has officially completed the upgrading and improvement works for the Al Manama Street Project. The project featured the construction of a new traffic corridor that links Al Manama and Al Meydan streets, crossing over the Dubai-Al Ain road.

Additionally, the project also constructed a flyover with four lanes in each direction to accommodate the crossover. In an effort to increase the capacity of the existing La Manama Street, the project also transformed its first three intersections. As a result, Sanaa Street, Nad Al Hamar Street, and Aden Street were turned into signalized surface junctions.

Furthermore, the junctions have designated a minimum of two lanes for left turns in all directions. Additionally, the project’s scope of work comprised a free lane for right turns, to ensure smoother traffic flow. The free lane for tight turns includes a minimum of three lanes. Lastly, the project also worked on the roundabout at the intersection of Al-Manama Street.

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Significance of the Al Manama Street upgrade and improvement 

The improvements have upgraded the roads’ capacity to well over 16,000 vehicles per hour, in both directions. Additionally, the project’s upgrading works have been able to improve the traffic flow at intersections as well as cut delays.

The project is a part of the Dubai-Al Ain Road Improvement project, which commenced in May 2022. In a ripple effect style-like, the Dhs 2,000,000 project is also a part of an Emirate-wide transport infrastructure improvement initiative.

Citing a WAM report, the project serves as a contribution towards ongoing efforts in enhancing transportation infrastructure. Moreover, the project aims to support Dubai’s sustainable as well as urban development. In fact, the road improvements are said to serve approximately 27,500 students that are enrolled in the 25 colleges and universities within the area.