Design revisions for Torrens to Darlington (T2D) project in Australia, finalized

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The South Australian Government has finalized the design revisions for the Torrens to Darlington (T2D) project which is the final piece of South Australia’s North-South Corridor.

According to the new design, the approximately $15.4 billion project will now include the removal of large, elevated roadways as well as the addition of new entry and exit ramps. The 10.5-kilometer section will therefore consist of two sets of twin tunnels, lowered and ground-level motorways along with overpasses and underpasses at key intersections.

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In an effort to improve and enhance safety, the project made a shift to the southern portal of the Southern Tunnels about 300 meters north. Furthermore, the design revisions ensured that large elevated structures were removed from the original concept. The decision considered the importance of improving visual amenities with the least amount of intrusive solutions.

The Torrens to Darlington project’s main areas will include James Congdon Drive/Deacon Avenue, the Torrensville area, and the Anzac Highway alongside the Darlington connection.

Aim for the Torrens to Darlington (T2D) project

The new design strives to deliver upon three, key objectives. These include an improvement in connectivity through the reduction of congestion on parallel routes, such as Marion Rd and Goodwood Rd.

Simultaneously, the project aims to improve access to the east-west connector routes. As a result, it will facilitate an easier and swifter passage to the airport. Additionally, it’ll provide for a hassle-free passage to the CBD as well as Port Adelaide. 

While commenting on the project, South Australian Premier said that the project is one of the biggest infrastructure initiatives in the state’s history. Thus, Peter Malinauskas continued, the project’s development focused on a thorough and diligent approach.