First 3D construction printed (3DCP) villa in Saudi Arabia completed

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Leading Saudi developer, Dar Al Arkan successfully completed the first 3D construction printed (3DCP) villa in Saudi Arabia. 

With its location lies within the Shams Al Riyadh development, the two-storey villa stands 9.9m tall. The villa was printed directly on-site without any cooling equipment or shade. This reportedly indicates that the technology, which Dar Al Arkan launched in Q4 2021, can be used to build homes throughout the year despite weather conditions.

An overview of the 3DCP technology used to build the 3DCP villa in Saudi Arabia

The 3DCP technology cuts building time by 50%. Additionally, it requires lesser labor. Approximately only three workers are required to build a house using the technology. Moreover, construction requires less concrete, making it a viable solution for the low-carbon construction industry.

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Noteworthy, Dar Al Arkan, the developer of the 3DCP villa in Saudi Arabia, is the very first to introduce to the kingdom as well as the region, COBOD’s 3D Concrete Printer into the real estate market.

The company also worked with the world leader in 3D construction printing on the 3DCP Villa Project.

Construction of a second 3DCP villa underway

Wael Al Hagan, the project manager of the (3DCP) villa in Saudi Arabia, revealed that the project’s success has conceived a second villa. Moreover, Wael Al Hagan revealed that the second villa will take well about a month to complete. The first floor has already been finished, in a record of eight days.