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Dunnis Bridge and Indiana Crossroads Solar projects begin in Northern Indiana

Northern Indiana Public Service Company has begun construction on two utility-scale solar projects in Northern Indiana that are slated to be online in 2022. These are the Dunnis Bridge and Indiana Crossroads Solar projects.

1. Dunnis Bridge Solar Projects

Dunns Bridge Solar I is a 265-MW solar power plant in Jasper County. The project is being built by a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources and will comprise an estimated 900,000 solar panels capable of providing enough energy to power 79,500 households. The Dunns Bridge Solar II project, which will also be built by NextEra Energy Resources, will feature 435 MW of solar and 75 MW of battery storage. Dunns Bridge Solar II is projected to have around 1,500,000 solar panels and is expected to be operational in 2023.

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2. Indiana Crossroads Solar Project

Indiana Crossroads Solar, the second project, is a 200-MW solar farm in White County. The project is being developed and built by EDP Renewables North America (EDPR). NIPSCO and EDPR will collaborate on the solar park. Over the course of the project, Indiana Crossroads Solar will pay out more than $1 million to landowners each year, as well as more than $40 million to municipal governments. The project will also provide hundreds of construction employment as well as numerous full-time, permanent positions to manage and operate the solar park.

“We are delighted about the chance to collaborate with NextEra Energy Resources and NIPSCO to deliver one of the nation’s largest solar projects right here in Jasper County, Indiana.” “Dunns Bridge Solar will create a sustainable future for Jasper County by bringing a much-needed tax base and construction and permanent employment into our local economy,” said Stephen Eastridge, Jasper County’s economic development director.

“Indiana Crossroads Solar Park is the fourth project on which EDPR NA and NIPSCO have partnered, and we are excited to grow our cooperation with NIPSCO and our presence in Indiana.” White County has historically supported renewable energy projects, and the addition of the Indiana Crossroads Solar Park will provide even more economic and environmental advantages to the community,” stated Miguel Prado, CEO of EDPR NA.

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