Egypt-Libya electricity interconnection line capacity to be increased

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Egypt-Libya electricity interconnection line capacity is set to be increased from the current 200 megawatts (MW) to 450 MW and even more (1,000 MW) in the near future. This was recently announced by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi, Egypt’s Minister Electricity and Renewable Energy.

This comes after the Libyan government requested its Egyptian counterpart to increase electricity exports to Libya in early 2021 in light of Libya’s electric power crisis as the North African country suffers from daily power cuts and a major power supply deficit.

The electricity generation deficit in Libya hit 1,000 MW in the winter season and 2,500 MW in the summer, according to previous press statements released by Ibrahim Falah, general manager at General Electricity Company Of Libya (GECOL).

GECOL was established to undertake the implementation of projects in the field of operation and maintenance of power grids, power plants production, and related distribution and switching stations, power lines, transmission and distribution, centers of electrical control, management, operation and maintenance of water desalination plants in the country.

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Meeting the electricity deficit

Osama al-Saeiti, adviser to the GECOL general manager for technical affairs in the eastern region and former executive director of the company’s operating affairs, said that Libya needs approximately 6,500 MW to meet its consumption needs in the winter season and at least 8,000 MW in the summer.

“GECOL currently generates 5,500 MW only. Although there are 10 power stations operating in Libya, they do not generate the needed electricity due to lack of maintenance,” explained al-Saeiti.