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Egypt to establish a Bus Rapid Transit system on Ring Road, Cairo

The government of Egypt through the ministry of Transportation plans to introduce a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Greater Cairo’s Ring Road.

The implementation of the plan according to Kamel al-Wazir, the Egyptian minister for transportation, will kick off after the completion of the ongoing development and expansion works of the ring road, increasing the number of its lanes to eight in each direction.

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Features of the BRT project plan

The BRT project plan features the construction of BRT bus stations and car parks along the Ring Road for the convenience of the passengers. The BRT special lines will be connected with the third metro line at Adly Mansour Station in Cairo and Road Al Farag Axis Station in Giza. It will also be linked with the planned fourth and sixth lines and the extension of the second line in Qalyoub.

The project will be supervised by the state’s Ministry of Transport in cooperation with local authorities in Cairo, Giza, and Qalyubiya.

The operation of the ultimate system will be awarded to one or more specialized companies in an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The conception of the BRT system plan

In November last year the Egyptian Minister of Transport discussed with the Swedish Ambassador to Cairo Jan Thesleff ways of cooperation in road safety. The latter pitched the idea of developing the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems in the North African country.

Fast forward, in February this year, the Egyptian Minister of Transport paid a visit to Volvo factories in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he and the officials from Volvo discussed the project.

The meeting highlighted the BRT system’s effectiveness in linking “smart cities,” or urban areas that make use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve the quality of energy, transportation, utilities, and other services, with the aim of reducing waste and overall costs.


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