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Capacity Building Crucial to Water Sector Development in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Water Technology Institute (EWTI) says development in the water sector is important to properly use the nation’s water resources. The Institute further emphasizes that institutional administration  failures are the major causes to ineffective water services in the nation.

As evidence indicate, water resources are becoming increasingly scarce. This is as a result of population growth and other similar factors. EWTI’s  Director Zewdu Seifu explains that lack of water supply, sanitation and irrigation policies don’t help the situation either. Institutions also do not have trained people in the sector.

Human Resource Development

According to Zewdu, the government has been making efforts on human resource development in the water sector to improve the quality of decision making, performance and efficiency in the sector. He added that the Institute is upgrading the implementation of development in the water sector. This is achieved through improving the number of officers in the area and water technology training colleges.

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The Institute has planned to offer training to 4,625 people in various areas. These include ground water investigation and management, drilling technology and water supply. There will also be training on well rehabilitation and diagnosis, irrigation and drainage, water and waste management. Among the major challenges faced Zewdu points out lack in practical training facilities as well as shortage of officers in the field.

According to a study on Sustainable Water Sector Development, the lack of water services has caused a change among developing countries. They are now seeing the need for proper planning and management of water and its use.


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