Ethiopia: Addis Ababa roads authority sign contracts with 7 contractors

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Addis Ababa City Administration Roads Authority has entered into a contract with seven contractors and 2 design firms for roads to service the new condominium houses. The contract agreement, which was signed at the authority’s head office last week, covers asphalt, cobble stone and gravel road projects according to Authority Manager Engineer Fikadu Haile. The total value of the projects is US$15mn (309,411,764.98 Birr).

Cherinet road construction company will undertake a 3,100 meter long road in Kara Kore and Genet park area. The new asphalt road construction project will be undertaken at the cost of 131,954,544.25 Birr.

Eniy construction will undertake roads projects to service Bole Bulbula condominium houses. The asphalt road will be 980 m long and is expected to take 60 days to complete. It will cost 47,088,672.53 Birr.

Medcon construction firm has won a contract to undertake a road project at Bole Arabsa Condominiums. The  cobble stone construction contract is worth 55,098,885.65 Birr. Tiret International has also won a bid to construct a cobble stone road at the same area, spanning a length of 4,500 meters. The project is expected to take 180 days for completion, for a total spend of 46,999,640.87 Birr.

Addis Ababa City Administration Roads Authority had earlier entered into construction contracts in relation to road projects to connect Kuye Fiche, Yeka Abado, Tulu Dimtu and Kilinto Housing projects before the 40/60 condominiums were transferred to owners. Together, the road construction contracts would take US$40.5m and would be undertaken by IFH Engineering, Melcon Construction, Hafcon Construction and Aser Construction.

Chinese firms have been dominant in the country. Last year, the Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) had announced it would spend S$331m on 600km road network in the country, while Ethiopian Roads Authority had planned to spend US$1.5bn on 43 road projects and signed agreements with more companies to undertake 161km road construction at a cost of US$ 312 million, and another big win for China Communications Construction Company and China Railway Company.

Other firms that have/had been awarded more road construction projects in the country include SinoHydro and UTE Elsamex for the asphalting of the Ambo to Wolisso link,

However, more local firms were also winning construction projects in the country, such as airport building in Hawassa, Robe Goba and Shire and asphalting of Morocho-Dimtu-Bitena and Adaba-Angetu road in Oromia road.