Expansion of ThyssenKrupp’s Coil Processing Plant in Woodstock

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The expansion of a Coil Processing Plant in Woodstock, owned by an industrial engineering and steel production company, named ThyssenKrupp, has finally been completed by Doster Construction Co

This multi-phase expansion project which began in 2020 covered the construction for an additional 91,000 square foot plant space and this development included 4,890 square foot office space, 4,000 square foot office renovation, along with some associated sitework, grading, drainage, and paving.

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The original Coil Processing Plant in Woodstock was built in 2012, as part of a $13 million investment which was intended for building a materials processing and distribution center in Woodstock. It  was designed to accommodate another 150,000-square-foot expansion, after putting into consideration the potential for future infrastructure improvements. 

The President and CEO of ThyssenKrupp Materials North America, Hans-Josef Hoss said that the company was excited about growing in Alabama and that they had made the decision to set up their Coil Processing Plant in Woodstock, Alabama due to the economic vitality and vast opportunities available in the region.

Hoss pointed out that many of the company’s top customers have facilities within the surrounding states that are in need of timely processing and delivery services. Hoss also explained the importance of the company maintaining closer relationships with their customers throughout the Southern region, which would enhance the effectiveness of their supply chain services. He added, “Our goal is to further enhance their supply chains by building this new facility right here in Woodstock.”

Hoss also expressed his gratitude to both state and county officials, for providing the company with incentive packages in the form of funds, which were dependent on the company’s provision of employment and also giving assistance with the development of infrastructure that enables easy access to their Coil Processing Plant in Woodstock, through either road or rail routes.

Now that the expansion of ThyssenKrupp’s Coil Processing Plant in Woodstock has been completed, the company believes that it will add to the industrial activity and development in Bibb county.

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