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The construction of a new, contemporary Fort Ikoma golf course in the Serengeti District of the Mara Region, was recently commissioned by the Tanzania National Parks Authority (Tanapa).

The project, worth $3.2 million, will be concluded by June this year. This is according to conservation commissioner William Mwakilema. He said that it will be located outside of the conservation area.

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Mwakilema claims that Tanapa’s choice to build the project for a modern golf course complies with conservation requirements. This is because very little to no construction is authorized in the conservation area.

The expected impacts of the Fort Ikoma golf course

Upon completion of construction, he stated, it would be expected that the golf course would attract roughly 3,000 golfers a year from various countries and generate income.

According to Mwakilema, the historic and iconic location will host the beautiful and fascinating game targeted at promoting the Serengeti National Park. This will be done through drawing more people who can enjoy the park’s landscape and play golf.

General George Waitara, a retired general who works as the chairman of the Tanapa Board of Trustees, lauded the project. He projected that the Fort Ikoma golf course will bring in a lot of tourists and so boost revenue.

The foundation for the project was laid by retired General George Waitara, also the retired Chief of Defense Forces, according to the head of the Tanzania Golf Union (TGU), Gilman Kasiga.

Kasiga expressed his appreciation to Tanapa for constructing the golf course. He also proposed that Tanapa and the golf course’s leadership build a junior golf course as well.

He stated that several hotels provide the infrastructure necessary to provide golfing tourists access to the course. They include the Grumeti, Serena, Glen Melia, lodges, and camps, as well as road and airstrip networks.