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Four Points Sheraton Tripoli Hotel construction works to resume

The Municipality of Hay Al-Andalous in Tripoli District, the Tripolitania region of northwestern Libya, recently announced that construction works on the Four Points Sheraton Tripoli Hotel are set to resume soon after approximately ten years of stoppage.

The construction works on this hotel, developed by Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, which is an international semi-luxury hotel chain owned by Marriott International, were halted following the humanitarian crisis and political-military instability that occurred in the North African country beginning with the Arab Spring protests of 2011.

The humanitarian crisis and political-military instability are what led to a civil war, foreign military intervention, and the ousting and death of Muammar Gaddafi.

The current state of Four Points Sheraton Tripoli Hotel

The Four Points Sheraton Tripoli Hotel has been operating on a limited basis for some time now, with some of its accompanying facilities such as the harbor and the large multi-story commercial mall, as well as the underground and above car parking still incomplete.

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The hotels management and the chairman of the board of directors told the Acting mayor of the Municipality when he visited their premises that they have started arrangements to resume the construction works so as to complete all the facilities of the stalled project.

According to the municipality of Hay Al-Andalous, the project will contribute to its commercial activity and the city of Tripoli, and it will provide many job opportunities to people residing in close proximity to the project site.

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