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Government of Cameroon to construct 2nd bridge over Dibamba River

The government of Cameroon through the Ministry of Public Works is currently preparing a project for the construction of the 2nd bridge over the Dibamba River in the Central African country’s Littoral region.

Even though the characteristics of the proposed infrastructure are still unknown, credible sources indicate that its construction will cost over US$ 108m. The funds will be provided by Standard Chartered Bank, a leading international bank with a 160-year history in the UK, focused on helping people and companies prosper across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Contractor and advantages of the project

The 2nd bridge over the Dibamba River will be built by Magil Construction Corporation, a private company performing services under four divisions namely Buildings, Civil, Industrial, and Interiors. The project is an extension of the works to develop the eastern penetration of the city of Douala.

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Both the widening of the roadway at the entrance to the Cameroonian economic capital and the construction of a second bridge over the Dibamba River will facilitate the movement of passengers departing from Yaoundé, the capital, or Edéa and Kribi, a seaside resort with a deep-water port.

These infrastructure works will also serve the brand new Japoma stadium and facilitate the transport of goods on the Douala-Ndjamena and Douala-Bangui corridors.

An overview of the 1st bridge over the Dibamba River

The first bridge over the Dibamba River was built back in 1984 and then extended in 1990. The reinforced concrete structure, over 400 meters long, was later restored by the Razel Company between May 2012 and January 2013.

The rehabilitation works included the reinforcement of the bearings (located between the plate and the pillars), general cleaning of the structure including the cleaning of drains, closure of micro-cracks, repair of road joints and the sidewalk, amongst others.

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