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Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel to remodel Fultondale Hotel Alabama

Construction of the new Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel will soon commence and this building will replace the old Fultondale hotel in Alabama which was destroyed by a tornado in January. The company that owns the Hampton Inn and Suites in Fultondale, Stafford intends to break ground on the new hotel in August.

Development of the Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel will take place at the hotel’s old location, between Interstate 65 and Walker Chapel Road in the Metro area of Birmingham, Alabama. The original building was demolished earlier this year in the aftermath of the tornado and this has given way for the rebuilding of the hotel. 

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Stafford, who is the owner, will be investing around $16.5 million for the reconstruction and has decided to expand the project scope, although there will be little or no expansion of the original landmass occupied by the old hotel.  

Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel remodel

The new Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel will feature an increase in the number of rooms from 64 rooms before the destruction to 89 rooms. 21 of these rooms will be designed as modern suites with ample space. The remodeling will also house a fitness center that is fully equipped, a hall for meetings, and a business center that operates around the clock. Other services to be offered will include a complimentary WI-FI and free breakfast. Laundry and valet services are also available for a nominal fee as well.

A large car parking lot will also be provided and equipped with lights for guests’ vehicles as well as a children’s playground and the new Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel will also feature an outdoor swimming pool. The location of the hotel is such that it provides easy access to the attractions within the city, which includes the Heritage museum, Alabama Jazz Hall of fame, botanical gardens, and the zoo.

Meghan McNearney, Stafford Director of Marketing, said the mission of Stafford was to improve the lives of people along with the communities in which they live, and for this reason they have every intention of rebuilding the hotel as quickly as possible. They expect the new Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel to commence operations sometime in late 2022 after completion.

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