Hospital renovation at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s completed, Illinois

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Renovation work at HSHS St.Elizabeth’s Hospital in O’Fallon, Illinois, has been completed. Under Holland Construction Services, the facility has now been fitted with additional space for hospital and patient services. The project includes an 8,000-square-foot makeover of the hospital’s fifth floor, which was formerly used as a rehabilitation gym, as well as shared patient rooms and office space. Holland reconfigured the space to include new patient care spaces, a nurse station, and a medicine room. A 1,000-square-foot makeover on the second level transformed a patient holding room into a new facility for endoscopic operations.

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Holland previously served as the construction manager for the new US$300 million, 360,000 sq. ft. HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, as well as the neighboring 140,000 sq. ft. ambulatory care facility and physician’s building, in a joint venture with Alberici. “Thanks to close collaboration between Holland and our facilities and infection prevention team, the repair was done with minimal disturbance to other patient care areas.” “Now that the project is complete, we are able to increase surgical services for endoscopic patients and further manage patient placement efforts during a very difficult year,” stated St. Elizabeth’s Hospital President and Chief Executive Officer Patti Fischer.

“Adaptability and communication were two of the most important aspects in the project’s success.” There were numerous instances when our work schedule needed to alter rapidly due to the patient load at the hospital, so we were able to pivot with them while still moving the project ahead. We understood they had an important job to accomplish, and we wanted to make their lives as simple as possible while we worked on the refurbishment. “We’re happy to have been able to offer them additional practical space for their present needs,” Holland Project Manager Steve Bauer stated.

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