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Tata Power Renewable Energy (TPREL) has officially, received the Letter of Award (LoA) for the Hybrid Power project in Karnataka. The subsidiary of Tata Power received the LoA from a joint venture of Tata Power, Tata Power Delhi Distribution alongside the government of NCT of Delhi. The LoA was awarded through an e-reverse auction.

Impressively, the project will feature a 255 MW hybrid (solar and wind) facility. Within 24 months from the PPA execution date, the Hybrid Power Project In Karnataka will be commissioned.

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The Hybrid Power project in Karnataka aims to encourage other distribution firms

The project’s power generation will serve as a supplier to Tata Power – DDL. Formerly known as Delhi Power Limited, the joint venture currently supplies electricity to a population of well over 7 million within North Delhi.

The letter indicated the current capacity bifurcation, or rather division will be split into solar and wind power, individually. As a result, solar power will stand at 85 MW while wind power capacity will be 170 MW. Furthermore, the facility will include the green-shoe option of additional capacity.

The CEO of Tata Power Renewable Energy spoke about the Hybrid Power project in Karnataka. Ashish Khanna said that the company aims to encourage various other Discoms (distribution companies). More especially, within the country, in an effort to enhance as well as expand the share of sustainable energy, in their overall energy mix. Ashish Khanna further noted that the project strives to contribute towards India’s net zero emission target.

The CEO also revealed that the LoA marks a significant milestone accomplishment for TPREL. Currently, the total renewable capacity has reached 6,048 MW with an installed capacity of 3,884 MW. Wind power capacity constitutes 928 MW while the solar power installed capacity constitutes 2,956 MW. Additionally, the subsidiary still has 2,164 MW which is under various stages of development and implementation.