Inglewood Rail project in California receives US$407mn in state funding

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The planned 1.6-mile Inglewood elevated rail project in California has received US$407 million in state funding. The projected US$1.5 billion project will link downtown Inglewood to the countywide rail network. Additionally, it will link the burgeoning sports and entertainment district around SoFi Stadium.

In total, the state has now invested $500 million in the project, up from the agency’s prior award of $93 million in transit money. A formal agreement between the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the city of Inglewood to create a joint powers authority to build the elevated rail guideway and three additional transit stations was established two weeks earlier.

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Three new stops will be added to the elevated line. These include Prairie Avenue/Hardy Street across from SoFi Stadium/Hollywood Park. Market Street/Florence Avenue in downtown Inglewood. Lastly, Prairie Avenue/Manchester Boulevard is close to the Forum and Hollywood Park sports and entertainment complex.

The cost to create the transit connector has climbed significantly, from roughly $1.15 billion three years ago to the current cost estimate of $1.5 billion, as with most significant rail projects. This is largely due to rising material and construction costs.

More on the Inglewood Rail project in California

A total of $345 million had already been secured by Inglewood officials prior to this round of state funding. This includes the initial $95 million from the state transportation agency and $234 million from the county’s Measure R sales tax.

The train line’s construction is expected to begin sometime in 2019. So, the majority of the remaining $750 million will need to be raised during the course of the following year. The majority of that money, according to Inglewood officials, will come from the federal government.

The goal is to have the elevated automated people mover line up and running in time for the 2028 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. The SoFi Stadium is slated to co-host with the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum the Games’ opening and closing ceremonies.