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Iraq: Nasiriyah International Airport Set for Construction

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The China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) is set to begin the construction of the US$ 379M Nasiriyah International Airport in central Iraq, the construction contract of which was won in September 2019 and finalized in June 2021. 

According to the governor of Dhi Qar, Mohammed Al-Ghazi, work on the project which is centred on the construction of two runways with a total of 30 square kilometres, would start with the clearance of unexploded munitions. 

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With Turkish Consultant, Kiklop as the project manager, the Nasiriyah International Airport project is scheduled to be completed within a span of  36 months. 

Expectations for the Nasiriyah International Airport project

Upon completion, the Nasiriyah International Airport is expected to have a passenger throughput of about 750,000 making it a boutique airport in reference to international standards.

As a whole, this project is described as a “shift in the reality of the development of the country” considering that it will create employment opportunities as well as revitalize trade and tourism. 

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In addition to the airport, the construction of which is funded by China as part of its oil-for-infrastructure deal with the government of Iraq, a 5,000 square meter cargo building will also be developed alongside a 25-kilometre motorway located in the centre of Nasiriyah.

Approximately, 90,000 houses will also be built in the district of Baghdad as well as 1,000 healthcare facilities and sewage systems upgraded.

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  1. Does the $379M Contract Price include the following:
    5,000m2 cargo building?
    25Km motorway?
    90,000 houses?
    1,000 healthcare facilities?
    Sewerage system upgrades?


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