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Construction of Meru County Energy Park kicks off

The construction of the Meru County Energy Park, a sustainable renewable power project in Meru County Kenya, has kicked off. The energy project consisting of up to 20 wind turbines and more than 40,000 solar panels is expected to generate 80MW, enough to supply electricity to 200, 000 households and boost the local economy.

It is a flagship project for Meru County Investment and Development Corporation (MCIDC) that is expected to inject US $150m in investment to Meru County, Kenya and will produce enough reliable, predictable energy. The project is being developed in a partnership between MCIDC and Windlab East Africa; which is owned by Windlab Limited and Eurus Energy, as a premier example of a successful Public-Private Partnership initiative.

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Predictable revenue for the County

The MCIDC shareholding will earn the County predictable revenue over the project lifecycle over and above the inherent project implementation benefits to the local community. Windlab has operated globally for over a decade and has a stellar track-record of delivered renewable energy projects across three continents, including the successful development and implementation of the world’s first utility-scale hybrid renewable energy project, Kennedy Energy Park in Australia which is co-owned by Eurus Energy.

“We are excited to bring world-leading innovation in the renewable energy sector and project development expertise to Meru County, Kenya”, said Roger Price, Windlab’s Global CEO, who was in attendance during the project’s Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony last year.



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